I am a creator, researcher, and manager of various processes, having graduated from architecture studies, but I do not wish to confine myself solely to the architectural field. In recent years, I have wholeheartedly engaged in diverse art and architecture projects, involving production, coordination, and collaboration with different creators. Nonetheless, the legacy of socialist modernism remains a profound passion and a personal area of interest, particularly in the context of disappearing and decaying architecture. As an architect, I am not driven to rush into designing new futures. Instead, I believe it is crucial to reevaluate the existing - be it historical, mental, or physical environments. By exploring what constitutes the "existing" and contemplating how to "redefine" it, I strive to view architecture from multifaceted perspectives. Within the realm of experiments, I also delve into the legacy of socialist modernism with the intent of exploring, interpreting, and unearthing the allure within destruction. My goal is to give forgotten architecture a voice in society, perceiving it as an assemblage of material and metaphysical elements.