Architektūros fondas
Jurgos Žukaitytės nuotr.

Architektūros fondas

We are a non-governmental, non-profit organisation, bringing together a network of people, initiatives and ideas, expanding the public’s understanding of architecture, and applying theoretical and practical architectural competences in a wide range of fields. The flexible, open and proactive structure of the organisation helps to adapt to changing needs and circumstances, while the dynamic arrangement of the community is supported by the principles of volunteering and sharing. While actively working in Lithuania, we continuously expand and strengthen our cooperation with foreign experts and institutions, and implement projects internationally.

Currently, we organise open architecture weekends Open House Vilnius and Pastatai kalba, Travelling Architecture Workshops, conversation series A Pokalbiai, the architecture criticism platform Aikštėje, the mentoring programme Experiments’ Platform, Micro-exhibitions in the cultural centre SODAS 2123, and the annual Architektūros fondas’ Forum. In collaboration with other organisations, we also contribute to projects such as Dance Plus City and the symposium Politics of Space. Furthermore, we participate in international networking activities, organising projects on the European architecture platform LINA and presenting our programme at the Open House Worldwide festival. Lastly, we are the initiators and coordinators of the international cooperation project Open House Europe, co-funded by the European Union.

Our vision

Our vision is a curious, critically thinking society that discusses architecture in a constructive way, and is able to appreciate, cherish and create architecture together. In such a society, responsibly produced architecture responds to the relevant needs of spatial change, and we, as an agent that initiates a dialogue between society and architecture, articulate meaningful processes, develop an infrastructure open to learning and collaboration, and contribute to the change of the discipline as well as to the development of society.

Our missions


We bring together professionals who create and research architecture, those who are interested in the subject, and proactive participants in other fields. We encourage their collaboration and interdisciplinary partnerships, thus expanding the concept of architecture and its contemporary practices.


We develop the culture of architecture and contribute to greater public engagement in its creation and reflection. We promote the architectural community’s openness, civicness and active participation in public life. By involving different groups of society, we aim to present, explain and contextualise architectural processes, and to ensure the accessibility of architectural activities. We create opportunities for productive collaboration as well as tools for constructive discussions, proposals and evaluations.


Through educative programmes, educational activities and diverse dissemination channels, we aim to shape the public’s multifarious approach to architecture and to raise awareness of the factors that shape it. We develop self-education opportunities for architects and practitioners to complement their academic and practical knowledge. We contribute to the development of competences in reading and evaluating architecture, and foster complex architectural values intrinsically related to cultural, ecological, economic and social aspects. We create a space for relevant, creative, objective and critical information about architectural processes, simultaneously taking care of its dissemination in Lithuania and abroad.


We propose to look at architecture not only as an object of research, but also to apply its methodologies and tools to the study of relevant both present and future phenomena. We encourage experimental exploration, innovation, the development and application of new methods, products and materials, or the improvement of existing ones. Through interdisciplinary collaboration, we offer to contribute to the creation of alternative architectural knowledge and the development of additional competences. By nurturing, continuing and referring to the best analytical and critical architectural research and practices, we update and expand the artistic and analytical experience of architectural practice in Lithuania, complementing it with international insights.

Values that unite us


Architektūros fondas was established in 2004 on the basis of the organising committee of the exhibition Looking at Yourself, which took place at the end of 2003. The organisation was founded by architects Audrius Ambrasas, Audrys Karalius, Gintaras Klimavičius, Gintaras Čaikauskas, Sigitas Kuncevičius, Darius Osteika, Rolandas Palekas, Saulius Pamerneckis, Marius Šaliamoras, Paulius Trimonis and Linas Tuleikis.

Since its establishment, Architektūros fondas has been led by Darius Osteika, Julija Reklaitė and Sandra Šlepikaitė, and is currently headed by Martynas Germanavičius.

Architektūros fondas was the first organisation to represent Lithuania at the Venice Architecture Biennale, where, together with Latvians and Estonians, it presented the Baltic Pavilion in 2016, and produced the Swamp Pavilion in 2018.

Since 2018, Architektūros fondas participates in the Lithuanian Council for Culture’s strategic funding programme. In the same year, the organisation was awarded the Vilnius St. Christopher Award.

Architektūros fondas' Gallery

We are located on the premises of the cultural complex SODAS 2123, where we dedicate our space to different formats of talking about the field of architecture. In a small space within the complex, we also curate micro-scale exhibitions, presenting the work of the artists involved in our various projects. In the first series of these micro-exhibitions, we featured the works produced within the Building Narratives programme—texts and visual narratives produced on the architecture criticism platform Aikštėje, and artistic research projects by the creators of the Future Architecture platform. This was followed by the micro-exhibition series Home and Value, where we presented the works of the winners of the open architecture narrative competitions curated by Aikštėje.


In 2021, we became a strategic partner of Lithuanian National Radio and Television and have maintained this cooperation ever since.

Having settled in the cultural centre SODAS 2123 in 2020, we develop a symbiotic relationship with the centre, cooperating in various activities.

People of Architektūros fondas

Since its foundation, Architektūros fondas has had more than a thousand architects, researchers and other architecture enthusiasts implementing or contributing to its projects, initiatives and activities. These are content authors, project organisers, coordinators, curators, volunteers, lecturers, discussion companions and other participants—people who form the backbone of Architektūros fondas and have been helping to create and foster the culture of architecture for almost two decades.