Architektūros fondas


Inspiring talks with exceptional speakers

A project dedicated to the development of humane, sensitive, thoughtful, and insightful individuals for more than 10 years, holding inspiring conversations with extraordinary people. These conversations feature exceptional speakers who introduce and discuss a topical issue, engage, and challenge the audience to think differently.

Architecture critique platform

A project to promote the production of quality critical content on architecture.

Architektūros fondas‘ Forum

Annual event dedicated to discussing the most pressing issues in the field of architecture with architects and architecture enthusiasts.

Mentorship programme

Experiments’ Platform is an initiative of Architektūros fondas that creates opportunities for architectural creators to develop their ideas and practices with the help of mentors.


Micro-exhibitions present the results of different projects curated by Architektūros fondas in the cultural complex SODAS 2123.

Open architecture weekend

Open House Vilnius features open architecture weekends in Vilnius. Since 2015, architecturally important buildings open their doors to the general public and tours are led by volunteer guides, architects, or building representatives.

Open architecture weekends in smaller Lithuanian cities

Open architecture weekends in smaller Lithuanian cities. It is a project that gives everyone the opportunity to learn about architecture, to experience and understand the value of the quality of the material environment around us. During the open architecture weekends, buildings that are normally fully or partially inaccessible to the public open their doors.

Traveling Architecture Workshop

A project to encourage children and young people to be active creators of their environment, to activate community activities and citizenship in the smallest Lithuanian towns. We want to show that environmental improvement can be a fun, playful and engaging activity, implemented in realistic, material and human resource-light ways.