The processes and results of the second season of the Experiments’ Platform are now in a digital publication. The publication, compiled by Platform curator Gabriele Černiavskaja, features texts created by participants and mentors, which reveal the explorations, discoveries and reflections of the experiments.

This second cycle of the Experiments’ Platform programme invited 13 participants to delve into three questions—‘What do we have?’, ‘What do we need?’ and ‘What do we want?’—which open up three interconnecting pathways for the participants’ research and the programme itself. The first question, ‘What do we have?’, was an invitation to look at the present, raise ecological and geopolitical
awareness and explore the functional and dysfunctional present. The second question, ‘What do we
need?’, led to actions that can be taken now for a better tomorrow. Finally, the question ‘What do we
want?’ encouraged to explore dreams of speculative futures, personal desires and sometimes self-centredness, moving away from the role of an architect.

The Experiments’ Platform and this publication are part of the Architūros fondas’ programme on the European architecture platform LINA. The Platform is co-funded by the European Union.