the aspect of physicality was less explored in the experiment, but sparkled the most ambition and speculation. during the collective dreaming workshop, several observations were made about body position and physical qualities of the sleeping space and their influence on sleep:

_sleep quality and comfort depends on the hardness (or softness) of the base;
_some of the participants liked to sleep in an improvised “cradle” constructed from the backs of curved armchairs: the structure enveloped the body creating the illusion of a hug, the curvature reminded a baby’s cradle, created a sense of security;
_strong restriction of body movements, wrapping the body, enveloping has been considered as one of the hypothetical means for calming before sleep, a similar tactic is used for swaddling babies.

the body behaves differently in each stage of sleep. nocturnal, involuntary movement can reveal the intensity or rhythmicity of the dream. will restriction of movement restrict the dream?

maybe those who are intensely distracted in bed wake up more tired than rested as a result?

maybe fixing the body in an archetypal position that leads to the beginning of human existence will speed up the process of falling asleep for insomniacs?

will stabilizing the body, shackling it become a sedative drug or a way of torture? maybe this is the long-sought salvation for somnambulists?

will the squeezing of the body into an unnatural, inhuman position become the first step in a dreamlike Kafkaesque metamorphosis?

_embody the dream_

for this experiment, it is proposed to make suggestive sleeping clothes: design solutions borrowed from the tradition of baby swaddling or infamous straitjacket, turn the clothes into a “baking mold”, into which the lying body will have to accept the position that is forced upon it. several contrasting materials are possible for the same clothing structure: natural, thin, breathable fabric (cotton, linen, viscose) or thick, warm, soft and insulating (plush, fleece).

body shaping [PREPARATION]

_an ergonomic and anthropometric examination of the human body is performed, referring to male and female bodies of different heights, builds and types. desirable goal –  development of a universal design solution;
_2 prototypes are being prepared:
_1_critical body shaper: the garment is sewn with the definition of the contours of a specific, intended body position, no changes in position are possible;
_2_flexible body shaper: the garment is adjusted according to the needs of the experiment and the (dis)comfort of the dreamer, it is possible to fasten/unfasten, tie/untie, tighten/loosen certain elements as well.
_each of the prototypes is produced in 2 different material adaptations: contrasting fabrics are used, one should resemble as much as possible the feeling of comfortable nightwear or underwear, the other should create the impression of a cover, cocoon, blanket or shell.

body shaping[PROCESS]

_several dreamers-volunteers are selected for the experiment, they will spend the night in the body-shaping clothes either in the provided space or in their own homes;
_every dreamer tries a) the same body position in different material solutions, b) different body positions in clothes of the same fabric, c) spends more time experimenting and tries all the above;
_the dreamer fills out two questionnaires in the course of the experiment: one before going to sleep – about sleeping habits, nocturnal mobility, preferred clothing, bedding and general physical conditions; the second – in the morning, to evaluate the general experience. special attention is paid to the connection between physical comfort and dreams.
for safety reasons, it is advised to carry out the experiment with an assisting person who will be able to help put on or take off the suit if necessary.

it is expected to:

_discover the connection between dream and physicality;
_to search for an archetypal, universally safe, physiologically effective and harmless body position, the most favourable for sleep;
_to look for common motives in the dreams of experiment participants;
_generate nightmare or infantile bliss.