The use of kreivuoliai in construction is closely related to improvisation. Almost all of the craftsmen who made these types of arbours, with the exception of larger outdoor furniture companies, said they did not prepare plans or sketches for these arbours and emphasized “imagination” and “creativity” as important factors in the success. When asked about the principles of using kreivuoliai in the construction of the arbours, we received such answers as: “The more curved, the better”, “What is a log for one, creation for another”, “I glue them together and that’s all. These are my stickers”, “ These are my night visions ”,“ We were looking for more interesting trees and here’s what we did something with our visions”. Meanwhile, companies developing serial production of outdoor furniture (for example, “Laukobaldis”, “Laukbaldis”), cooperating with foreign customers, are preparing plans, 3D visualizations and drawings for their projects.