In 2022 Architektūros fondas (Lithuania) together with Växtvärket (Sweden) and Aiming Spaces (Denmark) created the Traveling Architecture Network (TAN) – a collective of organizations that believe participation should not stop at the design and planning phase but rather that co-creative processes of public spaces should include the users such as local communities or children and youth in the whole process. 

Markučiai. Photo by Pijus Girdžiušas

From 12th to 27th September 2023 TAN is joining Malmö in the Making with an exhibition in Malmö City Library (Malmö Stadsbibliotek). We called this exhibition “Travelling Architecture Network. Creating public spaces together” as it is dedicated to transnational methodologies and good examples illustrating collaboratively created physical environments and giving guidelines on how to do it with your community. We have gathered inspirational examples, well-defined methodologies and valuable on-site experience on how to create relevant, ethical, and active physical environment. We present DIY solutions that prioritize hands-on, experiential learning that could remedy a lack of shared public spaces and cultivate a collective sense of ownership and personal responsibility. 

Exhibition is covered by Nordic Culture Point in collaboration with the Lithuanian Cultural Attache in Sweden, Finland and Denmark and supported by the Lithuanian Culture Institute.