Circus Kitchen, in collaboration with the restaurant Delta Mityba, made a banquet-fourchette as a contribution to the Politics of Space symposium and exhibition, taking place in Gallery Atletika and cultural complex SODAS2123. Using window sills as salvers, food was navigating the space during opening of the exhibition, while the unconsumed parts of it remained for over a fortnight of the exhibition. The main part of the food-contribution was various foods baked into shells made of dough. Among other, more approachable foods, these were the main test-paper for interaction and drawing of lines: of interacting with food, with exhibit, with yourself.

Exhibition opening banquet as a practice, what?

It was a challenge for myself, to move in between organizational-curatorial-production modes, and to observe the result. On one level, there’s not much to see but people having food during the exhibition’s opening event. But people react to it as a kind of installation at first, then food, also becoming a social lubricant. This is blended with people looking for the workshop (because how else could a banquet as a contribution be called?). We can conceptualize, under conceptualize, and over conceptualize it. At the time of it happening, it’s jumping between capturing the curious moments (feed some data into my system) and thinking that this is nothing. But maybe that’s it, when working with live human action, the inner reception happens simultaneously with those of the others, and everyone encounters the work for the first time. Then, time passes by, you think differently. And hey, it looks nice in the pictures, right?

Erik Vojevodin, Architektūros fondas, SODAS2123, Gallery Atletika, Delta Mityba (catering services), Anya Karenevskaya (chef).