Ordering is an interesting concept. I once felt like this is the future-telling of today’s. I was in a cafe and someone told ‘it’ll be two cappuccinos’ and, guess what, there were two cappuccinos. How do you explain that? Maybe we underestimate (or overestimate) this capacity? What else is there to order?

So there is this place in Vilnius called Coffee Circus Piano, I’ve been there a few times. A spectacular phenomenon is taking place there with the door. It’s open, almost all the time! Now right, it’s cold and all that, but we respect imaginary order more than anything. Remember how you were thought ‘leave as you found’. So it takes just one person to start a chain reaction, or a new order rather, of keeping the door open for ages. And with all the uncomfort, it fascinates me a lot.

So, in August I prepared a private dinner with parameters’ menu, and one parameter was unexpected – food! Chef Anya Karenevskaya prepared food in clay shells.

Getting ready for the Politics of Space Symposium, I keep thinking ‘less is more’. The shells come back as a minimal piece to produce encounters. Long ago I wanted the remains of a performance to stay as an exhibit the next day. The curator suggests this herself, how curious. At SODAS2123, I read a beautiful text for the exhibition “The Weather in Fred Sandback” @Swallow, and find two clay objects, like a vision of the shells-to-be-made. I wonder if the broken shells will do well as cutlery. A precariously placed coffee cup falls and smashes into pieces. It’ll do well.

My contribution for the exhibition is under a theme of object and its space. Normally, I don’t create objects. Now I’m not creating them either, just acting as a mediator. Ok, so be it.

I go to “Georgian bread” counter, two ladies converse about the struggle of living with overloaded freezers. How didn’t I think about that, they’re always full, a constant source of stress. There should be a party, free the freezers.

I visit Delta Mityba. “I want to know where’s my place, I want to know where I’m working” (shoutout to Adriano Celentano). New people, same problems, I say. So simple, yet so complicated, the founder says.

And for a while I was exploring the linguistic load of food topics. ‘Salver’ stem from ‘salve’. Help yourself. What are you going to bring to the table? Words, words, words, I don’t know what to do with them.