We are a transdisciplinary team concerned with the situation of organic waste management and recycling habits in our society due to the environmental impact of these factors in Lithuania.

Our project com(e)posting became the winner of Climathon Vilnius 2020, was awarded the highest prize for Sustainable Food Systems Innovations by the Nordic Council of Ministers Office in Lithuania; we are part of the EIT Climate-KIC alumni program.

From the autumn of 2020, we have been researching a strategy for reinventing the food-waste management system in the city there. We hope to accomplish that by developing a complex urbanistic strategy that would promote environmental education and organic waste composting. The key to success is to enable Lithuanian urban communities to take responsibility for the greener and cleaner environment of their neighbourhoods.

This strategy allows urban communities to easily and functionally compost bio-waste in the contemporary city environment. It is based on anaerobic digestion technology. It digests the food that we don’t and captures methane gas, also producing fertilizers and bio-fuel (renewable energy).

It also promotes urban gardening by providing fertilizer and builds up urban communities by getting the people together, meanwhile preventing landfill expansion and greenhouse gasses emissions, following the guidelines of EU Horizons and EU Green Deal perfectly.

Our goal is to gather urban communities, raise public interest in organic waste processing, circular economy, ecology and fulfil the core values of the New European Bauhaus: sustainability, aesthetics and inclusiveness.

More information: https://www.micro-empathy.com/