I wouldn’t be an architect if I didn’t have the urge to construct something for this experiment. From the very beginning I had this question in my mind “how will this turn out?”, the sticking point was that I had a method, but its results were still unknown. What turned up after my research was a sort of statement, but not in written form. One thing I also realized is why the Christian tradition is so deeply rooted in western philosophy – a creator cannot not create by his own image, so an installation was born – a reflection of the body in architecture and how our creations relate to us, a sort of “body of architecture”, a summary of my experiences researching abandoned buildings, which makes you feel the message of these spaces through touch, sound, physicality in general: architecture/urbanism as ecosystem.

Another thing created through my methodology – a meditation on life in all of its meanings, be it architecture, or living beings, all of them alive, their lightness, tranquility, sociality, the need for other beings and the celebration of being surrounded by as dynamic of a world as is ours.