Our creations reflect us not only from the side of bio-mimicry or personification but also as a mirror to our own relationship with ourselves. This experiment is an extrapolation of this relationship in architecture and creativity in general: a search, what relationship does the modern person have with their body and a hypothetical statement that due to this relationship, our creative efforts are inherently destructive. Every body, in the wide sense of the word – both biological, and architectural/urbanistic, is alive and has the same rights to existence as we do, as, when it comes down to it, what do we classify as “alive”? Both us and our creations, nature are ecosystems of cells, struggling to stay alive, does that make us different? During the experiment, I try to deconstruct the body – body not as a tool to keep our consciousness contained, but as an equal part of our whole, and not only our body – all bodies and ecosystems, I try to put them into a dialogue with us, us, listening to their words too, swallowed, existing within, not outside them.